Sidescan Sonar Surveys

A side scan survey was conducted during 1997 and 1998 in a limited section of the seeps study area.

On the records presented below, black indicates reflections and white represents acoustic shadow areas (negative image). Seeps appear on the record as large white patches with dark outlines which represent the high reflectivity contrast between the gas bubbles and the seawater.

The seep locations are near or within the previous extents of bubbles detected by 3.5 kHz sonar surveys.

The side scan survey also reveals geologic structures at the sea floor offshore of Coal Oil Point. Linear black stripes are reflections from bedding out crops. These are broken by faults cutting diagonally across the image.

Side scan tracklines, seep locations and sonar seep contours

Side scan record with seeps at top right side and center as well as faulted bedding outcrop

A large seep directly under side scan tow fish (note bubble density in right side panel.)